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How Juliet's boob touched my life

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Almost three weeks in to pizza, pasta, vino, prosciutto, bread and real macchiato.

Every morning my friends at the cafe outside of school greet me with a smile, a kiss, a heart-sprinkled coffee and a Facebook friend invitation, the latter of which I elegantly decline of course. One of them is old enough to almost be my grandfather, after all. But it's sweet.

Italy is treating me so well. People are kind, welcoming, friendly and inviting. I have met really nice people here, some of which will surely become friends for a long time. No matter where I go solo, within 30 seconds I am never alone. It's the only country where I've encountered this.

I ventured to Verona with my room mate and a friend from class. The three of us head out to check out the site of Juliet's house where only I took a photo grabbing her boob - apparently for good luck. We made a wish, signed on the wall, took pictures with combination locks symbolizing people's hearts. The amount of people there is absolutely unbelievable. A museum of her house and the balcony that still stands marks the place where the two lovers secretly met. I have to admit, it is quite captivating and romantic. So I made a wish in my heart and moved on.

We went to an old vinoteca in one of the alleyways that turns out is a historical site of Italy. Delicious mortadella sandwiches filled our stomachs alongside Italian white wine. We couldn't leave for 2 hours. One of the guys that works there seemed to have been very charmed by our questions and curiousity so he took us down to the cantina. It was amazingggg.

Every story had a 'saldi' sign and couldn't resist. I indulged. And I enjoyed every moment of it.
And I indulged more. Pizza. Ice cream. More wine. Afugatto. I love it here.

My Italian is also getting so much better.

The following day I spent solo, walking around Milan, licking off yet another ice cream, bought the Sunday paper and by evening I found a spot at Radetsky (one of my favorite aperitivo places). Drinking my 'spritz' (Venetian drink), I minded my own business, admired the people around me and let the clouds above me sprinkle rain over my head. It did get a bit challenging to sit outside at some point, but at that point, I was already adjoined to another table with a guy wearing a "Katz's Deli" t-shirt. Three Spritz later, he and I had another drink at a place by my apartment and continued chatting. Actually it was mostly me. He just sat there with his eyes twinkling - I swear it's true. It even continued last night when we were having dinner.

Since then, we've met up a couple of times. He is a nice man though no sparks on my end. He tries though it's not working for him. He wouldn't be a man if he didn't try, right? Yesterday we went for dinner and he asked what wine I want so I told him "a good white wine, I trust you." So he put the menu down and said "yes? you trust me?" And I said "yes, only with the wine though. Not with anything else!"

He was a bit taken with that line but it's true. His intentions are clear and so are mine. I don't trust anyone with my heart that belongs to me.
There were three nice Italian men sitting next to us, I chatted them up as my friendly-side always does. Turns out they are Sicialian, from Palermo. Their accent was present and it was so great to speak to them! I had a great time. While this guy sat across from me, again eyes sparkling and twinkling like I put him under a foolish love spell or something.

A couple of days ago I went to see an exhibit of Russian Contemporary Art at the PAC Museum by Park Palestro. It was truly brilliant. It was pouring outside so it was a great excuse to stay indoors and take advantage. The artists used materials from Russia; so, recycled steel and iron sheets from gates, train tracks, etc., plastic material, cardboard and even car tires. It was such a unique way of using Russia's industrial resources to create art. Loved it.

Also visited Palazzo Reale to see the photography exhibition of Bob Krieger. The exhibit is housed in this beautiful palazzo where some of the rooms are stripped naked of overhead ceiling decor and frescoes from years that have passed, uncared for. It is actually a work of art to look up and see this incredible site. I dont know what struck me more - the exhibit or the venue. Huge chunks had obviously fallen and were never replaced. All around the huge chandeliers, is the outline of the decor that once was and is now gone. The exhibition was a nice time travel to the 70's and 80's when Giorgio Armani was young and handsome and models of the 80's posed in mega shoulder pad styles.

And now, backtrack.

Last week - Tuesday, July 19, 2011. I was sitting at a cafe working when I saw *him*. He walked passed me and stopped as if he knew I was there. He just stopped outside the window, exactly where I was sitting. I think Juliet's boob worked. Destiny woke up. He was in utter shock. "Arent you going to ask when we can see each other? When can I see you? - he asked me. My heart was in an internal washing machine.

Next day he called, we discussed something tentative for Thursday.
I was playing a bit of hard to get, 'we'll see, might not be here this weekend, etc.' So he said 'okay, well if not tomorrow and you're gone this weekend, then we'll just have to do it next week.' Regardless we agreed to text and let each other know the next day.

Thursday, we met. My room mate and his friend later joined. Amazing night. I held back as best as I could and remained cool.

Friday, left his arms in time for class. He said "I'll call you later, okay?"

Tuesday - a text finally comes in - "send news please".

What Juliet and her boob have done to me is all I have to ask.

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